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WoE RPG - WarcraftIII: Race Tiers

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1 WoE RPG - WarcraftIII: Race Tiers on Thu May 25, 2017 9:10 pm

Here we will list some tier of each race in WoE RPG, might including Easters Eggs, Hidden Tier and Exclusive Tier can only be owned.
T0 Novice need 1k levels to be pick race
T0 < any Race > need 1k levels available to T1
T1 < any Race > need 2k LVL to be T2
< more will coming soon >
Some of them not gotta be in beta game anyway so be careful
1. Nagas:
Are all based water type, ability to swim or submarine. They might weak attacker but strong magic and good defensive move.
T0: Murloc, you might look weak but in little pvp fight, you like swamp monster hide and effective attack, granting good opportunity on sea land.
T1: Murloc have two path to choose
Naga Siren: Siren has a lower defensive but a good AD attacking around and more killer.
Naga Serpent: Serpent granting good tanker and strength power but weak attack.
Siren ---> Python:
Water based killer machine, she granting a lot of speed and capable to dash and binding. Some how Python is best hero to be bring in PVP.
Serpent ---> Naga Guardian:
" Lightning/Water " : Lightning based great tanker, he also granting power to control the sky and rising ocean to sweep opponent.
2. Nerubians:

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